This is a story of the law, smoked meats, and tasty, tasty judgment. A passion for all things smoked drove Kyle to spend his free time during law school perfecting his skills at producing meats with a glorious crust, glowing smoke ring, tender texture and spectacular flavor.

All that practice meant a lot of meat – and even a bunch of voracious law students couldn’t put it all away. So, ever thrifty, Kyle looked for a perfect way to preserve his delicious creations. After much experimentation, and a few beers, he found that he could vacuum-seal his meats, then reheat them in simmering water with spectacular results. It was like he’d just made a run to the hill country – and it only took 10 minutes!

Kyle connected with his East Dallas compatriots Herman and Adam and started to work out how they could make a business out of their shared passion for smoked goodness. By giving people a way of serving smokehouse fresh meats in just minutes with their special vacuum packaging, they realized they had something special to offer the denizens of Dallas. The laws of the land were set aside for the laws of the smoker and ONE90 Smoked Meats was born.

Named for the perfect internal temperature for glorious brisket, ONE90 is all about delivering quick, convenient smoked meat that is consistently delicious. It’s truly something you have to try… but one bite and you’ll be a believer.

Great piece on them by Daniel Vaughn from Texas Monthly HERE

Exterior photos courtesy of Kelly Yandell - Kelly Yandell Photography

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