When we decided to start the original food truck, our purpose was to create a culinary experience with barbecue.  We’ve given people the opportunity to go back in time and experience a cooking experience that is uncommon in this area and is becoming rarer as time goes on.  We take people back to the method of open flame, 100% wood fire, on a pit.  It is simple but hard.  We believe the only way to achieve the flavor and tenderness of real barbecue is through the method of old.  You can have a life-changing barbecue experience.  Our goal is to create and build an atmosphere that pulls people in, a true destination barbecue location in NWA.

The primary reason for our success is that we’ve embraced the barbecue culture by using methods that require dedication, hard work, and love for smoked meat.  We source pecan wood from downed central Arkansas trees.  From the start each week, to when we end, our fires never stop burning.  An overnight process that delivers fresh food when you need it.

During our original launch of the food truck, we served the community in the capacity of farmer's markets, and community events.  That allowed us to build a reputation for creating a barbecue that couldn’t be found anywhere else in NWA.   Creating a loyal following.  In the spring of 2017, we decided to open up on Friday at a place in Johnson, a little white house that we loved.  A one-street town with a history, the house dating to 1917.  That was successful, but we wanted more exposure – moving the trailer to a densely populated place in Fayetteville.   When the white house in Johnson came available, it was evident to us that we had to move back.


  • 208 NE 3rd St, Bentonville, AR 72712, USA

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