Named for one of the first churches to serve the Summerhill community immediately following the Civil War, Wood's Chapel BBQ uses traditional wood-fired pits to prepare an extensive barbecue menu including whole hog, prime brisket, salmon, and turkey.

Barbecue is primal.  It is meat; it is fire; it is smoke.  Barbecue is community.  It is the food of gatherings and celebrations.  You don’t cook it for four, you cook it for 100.  It is church suppers and political rallies.  It is not just food, it is an event.

Barbecue is America.  It has touched and been touched by indigenous peoples, Spanish explorers, European settlers, enslaved Africans and free people of color, and all of their descendants.  It moved from the Caribbean to the Colonial South, then west and north.  Along the way, it adapted to what the land provided and who settled the land.  It traces our messy history, from the valleys to the mountaintops.  It is the food of the people, whether their means are modest or great.  It has caused and continues to cause debate between regions, between states, within states, within towns, and within families.  It divides and it unites.

Todd Ginsberg, Shelley Sweet, and Jennifer and Ben Johnson opened Wood’s Chapel BBQ in June 2019. The four also are partners in The General Muir, TGM Bread, Fred’s Meat & Bread, and Yalla — collectively “Rye Restaurants.” (Sweet and the Johnsons also are partners in West Egg Café, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2019).

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