My passion for BBQ began during my time running my family’s butcher shop, City Meat Market in Naperville. We had a smoker there and I was able to experiment with it quite a bit, smoking jerky, snack sticks, bacon, hams, pastrami, sausages, cheeses, whole birds—the list goes on. It was during these “formative” years that I discovered Central Texas BBQ. I was instantly hooked. The style is rooted in old-world butcher shops smoking leftover cuts of meats so that it could be salvaged. Curious to learn more, I took a two-week tour through Central Texas to explore this world of barbecue and I fell in love. My family sold the butcher shop, and I moved on to Green Street Smoked Meats, perhaps the most renowned BBQ restaurant in Chicago. I served as executive chef and manager at Green Street for three years, where I was afforded the opportunity to cook for many celebrities and athletes. Hosting Theo Epstein’s championship party for the 2016 Cubs was a big highlight for me.

Trained at Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 2001-2002, I have spent 20 years in the restaurant industry, working at top-rated restaurants like Alinea, Spiaggia, Les Nomades, Naha, The Ritz Carlton, Blackbird, and Courtright’s. I have held titles like “sous chef” and “executive chef”, but I prefer to be known as “guy who cooks BBQ”. This is my passion, and I am excited to bring my talents home to Plainfield, IL. I hope to cook for you soon!

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